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4 on 4 | July 2015

Its getting hotter here. Air conditioners are pumping and beaches are crowded. And I’m hungry for food that’s been grilled and drinks packed in ice. But you know what? I hate wearing my camera all day in the sweaty summer. I’ll take it out here and there but it’s more important to live in the moment more than to photograph the moment. Thankfully, there are plenty of moments to be had and plenty that take place in the cool of the shade (or air conditioned apartment!). And plenty of food to photograph… since I eat food… every single day. So you know I had to include at least one edible image. And what better image than cookie dough?

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4 on 4 | June 2015

4 images on the 4th of the month are here! After having moved twice in the last 4 months, I am amazed. There’s time to sleep and time to explore. I get to have coffee every morning while I talk God and cuddle my kids. I get to adventure all over the Lowcountry. Everything is new. Everything is exciting! Everything feels good. Good enough to eat.




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